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Animal Services

  1. Animal Services- Report a Problem

    Form for reporting a problem to the Animal Services department

  2. Report a Lost/Found Pet
  1. Foster Care Application

    Application to become a foster parent for Onslow County Animal Services

Board of Elections

  1. Pollworker Interest Form

    Notice to applicant, please read the information on the Become a Pollworker page before filling out this form.

Community Paramedic

  1. Naloxone Reporting Form

    For Law Enforcement Naloxone Administration Reporting

  1. Safe Landing

    For the High-Risk Mothers Community Outreach Program

Emergency Services

  1. Agency Resource Request Form

    This form is to help facilitate collection of information that is needed from agencies to be able to request resources during an... More…

  2. E911 Recording Request

    Request for a copy of documentation or recording

  3. Mass Evacuation Transportation Needs

    Mass Evacuation Registry form

  4. Request for Public Education

    Form will allow citizens to be able to request public education from the Department of Emergency Services.

  1. Authorization To Send Emergency Dispatch Text Messages
  2. ISO Property Request Form

    Fill out this form to receive information concerning your property in Onslow County. You will receive your Fire District, responding... More…

  3. Property Report Request

    Request hazardous materials incident information on a specific property.

  4. Smoke Alarm Installation Assistance Request

    Request for assistance getting a smoke alarm installed.

Health Department

  1. Community Outreach and Education Request Form

    Please request services at least two (2) weeks in advance of your event.

  2. Medical Reserve Corps of Onslow County Registration Form

    The Onslow County Medical Reserve Corps (OCMRC) program coordinates the skills of practicing and retired physicians, nurses, and other... More…

  1. Health Department Comment Form

    Comment Form


  1. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Registration

    Register your child for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.

  2. Book A Librarian

    Signup for Book A Librarian

  3. Community Wellness Garden

    Volunteer Signup for the Jacksonville Community Wellness Garden

  4. Library Electronic Access Program (LEAP) Pass Registration Form

    A LEAP (Library Electronic Access Program) Pass allows free access for Onslow County Public School Students to all electronic items and... More…

  5. Meeting Room Reservation Request

    Our meetings rooms are available for rental by the public.

  6. Notary Service Appointment Request

    Appointments are required and may be available, but not guaranteed during open library hours. Notary services are unavailable an hour... More…

  7. Suggest a Title Purchase

    Suggest an item for the Library to consider purchasing.

  1. 2020 Virtual Art Show

    Sign up for 2020 Virtual Art Show

  2. Comments & Feedback

    Submit comments and feedback about our services and events.

  3. Genealogy Request

    Request assistance with specific genealogical questions and resources. A research fee may apply.

  4. Library Outreach Request Form

    Library Outreach Request Form

  5. Mindful Monday Survey

    After you participate in the Mindful Monday Virtual Yoga or Meditation Program fill out this survey for a chance to win!

  6. Proctor Request

    The Library can proctor tests, written or online, for $30 per test.

  7. TNT: Safe Food Handling Program

    Answer these three questions about the Nov 18 TNT: Safe Food Handling Program.


  1. Adult/Teen: Remembering Coronavirus

    Every day becomes history, though some are more memorable than others. We are living through a historic event that people will be... More…

  2. Kids: Remembering Coronavirus

    The Onslow County Museum is collecting materials that illustrate how people are experiencing and responding to the COVID-19 crisis. No... More…

  3. Outreach Program Request Form

    Use this form to request educational outreach programming for education department programs.

  1. Group Tour Request Form
  2. Outreach Kit Request Form

    Use this form to request an Outreach Program Kit.


  1. Bid Request Form

    To obtain a copy of a bid proposal.

Sheriff's Office

  1. Background Check

    Background Check request form

  1. Business Registration

    Business Registration additions and changes

Social Services

  1. Change Your Address

    Use this form to make changes to your address or other contact information.

  2. Report a Change

    Use this form to report changes in your household composition (people who live in your home) or income. Only fill in sections that... More…

  1. Foster and/or Foster to Adopt Inquiry

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster or adoptive parent for Onslow County Department of Social Services. If you are not... More…

Solid Waste & Landfill

  1. Solid Waste Volunteers

    Volunteer submission form for citizens looking for opportunities to give back to their community and assist with waste collection,... More…

Tax Office

  1. Address Change Request

    Fill in the necessary information to update your mailing address.

  2. Tax Certification Request Form
  1. Sales Letter

    This form is for those who have recently purchased property in Onslow County to aid in establishing market value levels and help... More…

Vector Control

  1. Request Form

    Request Form for: Mosquitoes, Beavers, Bee Keeper, Waterway Blockage