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  1. 1.) Type of sale*
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  2. Was there Personal Property Included?*
  3. 3.) Do you consider the sale price a fair market price?*
  4. 4.) Was this sale any of the following:
  5. a.) a transfer between relatives?
  6. b.) to correct defective title?
  7. c.) Forced sale (e.g. forclosure, estate or court order)
  8. 5.) Has there been any improvement added or removed?
  9. 6.) If residence, please complete the section below:
  10. (this number includes bedrooms, Kitchen, Living room etc. but excludes the bathrooms)
  11. (Additional Fixtures are anything in addition to your standard tub, sink and toilet. Ex: extra sink or separate shower in addition to tub in bathroom. A sink in a laundry room would also count as an Additional Fixture)
  12. Type of Heat & Air:
  13. Does the residence have a basement?
  14. Is Basement:
  15. Is Basement:
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