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Agency Resource Request Form

  1. Onslow County Emergency Services Resource Request Form
  2. Resource Request Questionnaire
    This list of questions is being used to help determine your agency's need so that the request can be forwarded to NC Emergency Management. Please reach out to partner agencies and your suppliers, across county/state lines and think outside of the box on options for securing supplies.
  3. We ask that you understand that resources are extremely limited across the nation currently. Resource requests are being prioritized by State Emergency Management and we will do our best to help with this request.
  4. Requester Information
    Please fill out all fields.
  5. Resource Delivery Location
    Please fill out all fields
  6. Resource Request Information
    Please provide as much detail as possible
  7. Resource Type
    Please select each resource type you are requesting, identify what quantity you are requesting, and select the unit size you are requesting (each, box, case)
  8. Glove Types
    If nitrile gloves are not available, can you agency accept any of the following other types of gloves:
  9. Identify how you will use the resources
  10. Enter a realistic date/time based on anticipated need and burn rate.
  11. Purchasing Information
  12. What vendors have you been trying to purchase resources through?
  13. What responses have you gotten from them?
  14. Once Onslow County Emergency Management receives the request we will work to enter it into the NC Emergency Management WebEOC Resource Request management system. You will be notified by email of the NCEM Request #s for your records.
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