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Onslow County Farmers' Market Vendor Application (e-document)

  1. Onslow County Farmers Market logo - Onslow County NC 28540
  2. Which days do you plan to attend?
  3. 2023 Holiday Market (Special Event)
  4. Product Categories

    Please list products that you will be bringing to market this year. Estimate, by category, the percentage of total sales you expect from each (total to equal 100%). Be sure to clearly list products from categories.

  5. Raw Fruits/Vegetables
  6. Herbs
  7. Plants
  8. All Farm/Production members will have a farm visit prior to selling at the market. Please understand that it may take up to two weeks after your application has been recieved to schedule a farm visit.
  9. Do you know about the Produce Safety Rule?
  10. Is your farm covered by this rule?
  11. Electronic Signature Agreement

    I produce 50% or more of the items I offer for sale as part of my farming operation. I agree to allow representatives of the Onslow County Farmers' Market to visit and inspect the farm/production premises and products I intend to sell.

  12. Processed foods that require a kitchen inspection/certificate from the NC Department of Agriculture. Please indicate if any ingredients used in the products are harvested from your farm.
  13. Acidified Foods
  14. Space/daily booth rental
  15. Special Events

    Proof of all applicable state and local permits and/or certificates will be required.

  16. This section required by all applicants
  17. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    I acknowledge that the information on the application is accurate.  I also allow the Onslow County Farmers' Market to use photos and/or video of me, my products, and booth space for promotional and marketing purposes.

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