What are your operating hours?

Administrative Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm. Please call 910-937-1164 to speak with a staff member. 

Adoption Hours: Tuesday - Friday: Noon - 4:30pm  Saturday: 10:00am - 3:30 pm. An approved application is required for all adoptions. To view all adoptable animals, please visit our Adoptable Animals albums on our website: https://www.onslowcountync.gov/186/Animals To begin the application process, please click on the photo of an adoptable animal and click on the orange box. Applications may be completed and submitted online. Please monitor your email for approval, generally within 24 hours of receipt. Applications are general applications and are not specific to an animal. Only one application should be submitted. Once approved, please call 910-937-1164 after 8:00am Tuesday - Friday and after 10:00am to schedule an appointment.

For animal reclaim, surrender or all other questions, please call 910-937-1164 during administrative hours.

Our Rabies Vaccination Clinic is offered, by appointment, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Please call 910-937-1164 Tuesday-Friday to schedule. 

For Animal Control Emergencies or concerns, please call 910-455-0182 and select the option for dispatch. 

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2. What are your operating hours?
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