Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC)


  • Noon
  • See the Calendar of Meetings for dates
  • Consolidated Human Services Building
     612 College Street
     Conference Room 1014 (1st floor)
    Jacksonville, NC


 Karen Reaves, Chair

Email: Karen.Reaves@trilliumnc.org

Phone: 1-866-998-2597


Wendell Boykins, Vice Chair

Email: Wendell.Boykins@ncdps.gov

Phone: 910-347-2191


Anyone interested in joining the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council can contact one of the JCPC officers or Youth Services for vacancy designations or complete a Citizen Participation Application available at Volunteer Onslow and submit to Youth Services.

For more information, questions, and/or concerns regarding the JCPC, please feel free to contact Karen Reaves, Wendell Boykins or Angie Robles, Youth Services Program Manager at 910-455-1202.


The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) is appointed by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners as required by General Statute 143B-543. The JCPC plans for programs and services, at the county level, to provide community, non-institutional alternatives for juvenile court services and delinquency prevention programs. The goal of these programs and services is to protect the community while addressing the needs of juveniles and their families. The monthly JCPC meetings are open to the public and all business is considered public information.


The Mission of the Onslow County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council is to address youth behavior by prioritizing needs and investing in effective programs that positively impact youth.