Onslow County is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. It is our policy to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to prevent the incidence of accidents, injuries, and illnesses for all employees. We feel there is no job or task that cannot be performed safely and we expect each employee to follow safe working procedures and use good common sense at all times. 

Onslow County is a member of the National Safety Council (NSC) and fully supports the NSC's safety initiatives. 

Safety Philosophy

  • We hold safety and health as one of our highest core values.
  • Management will lead the safety improvement process.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility of everyone in our organization.
  • Safety performance is a key indicator of organizational excellence and will be incorporated into our work processes.
  • We will communicate safety performance openly with all parties that have a vested interest.
  • All employees will be given the knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform their jobs.
  • We strive to extend our safety efforts beyond our employees and their workplace to include transportation, homes, and the community.
  • We will continually strive to improve our safety and health process.
For more information on the Onslow County Safety and Health Program, contact Human Resources.