The Onslow County Museum acquires the majority of its historic artifacts from generous donations by private individuals. A small number are acquired by transfer from other museums, purchase of relevant materials via the Internet, or antique shops. The Museum collects objects that are relevant to the history of Onslow County, generally items made, purchased or used in Onslow or occasionally, surrounding counties.

Collection Criteria

Additionally, items accepted into the permanent collection must meet a number of criteria regarding condition, history and representation of like objects already in the current collection. According to county approved procedure, objects may be accepted for consideration of acceptance by the Museum Director or Collections Manager.

All objects are initially recorded as loans pending approval of acquisition by the Collections Committee. After approval, the object(s) may be approved for the permanent collection. All information pertaining to the donor and object(s) is maintained in a permanent file.

Additional Information

If you are interested in donating a historical object to the Onslow County Museum please contact the Collections Manager, Emily Baker for more information or to schedule an appointment.