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Homeschool Groups

  • AGAPE Leadership Development - Provides Christian group activities and support to homeschoolers in Onslow and surrounding counties through which families will grow in fellowship one with another and in the way of the Lord, while providing the flexibility and variety essential to integrate with current curriculum schedules.
  • Classical Conversations - A nationwide network of classical, Christian communities providing academic programs, events, and services to local home school communities, parents, and educators.
  • East Coast Homeschool Organization - The East Coast Homeschool Organization is an authorized non-profit co-op association aboard Camp LeJeune where members are encouraged to share their experiences with other homeschooling families seeking a support group so that we can to give families a positive experience and meet the needs of the members.
  • Onslow County Secular Homeschoolers - While we are a secular group, we do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of any race, gender, creed, religious affiliation (or lack thereof). We only ask that differences of opinion be respected by all parties.