Soil Evaluations

Soil Evaluation 

 A soil evaluation is formally known as a Perk Test. This is applied for when an owner/owner legal representative wants to place a septic system on a piece of land, wants to move the septic system location, or if the number of bedrooms permitted changes.

The following needs to be done to apply:

  1. Application -. The application needs to be filled out, it has specific instructions on how to prepare your lot for a soil evaluation and needs to be followed so that your wait time is not extended.
  2. *If you are not the owner at the time of applying then you will need an Owner's Legal Representative Form filled out by the owner giving you permission to apply for this.
  3. Map of Property with dimensions - You need to obtain a map with accurate dimensions of your property. View property map.
  4. Proposed Drawing (PDF)- On your map you need to indicate where you want your septic system to be, structure(s), waterline, and driveway; please note that setbacks for your septic system need to be 10 feet off property lines and 5 feet from any dwelling. You need to also indicate where existing systems and structures are located.
  5. Mark Property Corners - You will need to find the Iron stakes in the field or have surveyor stakes indicating property corners. If these are not found and marked no work can be performed. You will be given yellow flags to do this.
  6. Fee - Application fee, this is due at the time of application submittal.

Three Tier Permitting Process

The permitting process consist of 3 permits:

  • Improvement Permit
  • Construction Authorization
  • Operation Permit.

Improvement Permit

The Improvement Permit is the 1st permit and will state the type of septic system and the number of bedrooms.

Construction Authorization Permit

The Construction Authorization is the 2nd permit and is needed in order to install the septic system or get any type of building permits. The fee for this permit is dependent upon the type of septic system needed for the lot.

Operation Permit

The Operation Permit is the 3rd Permit and is the final permit. This permit is issued when all inspections of the septic system installation has been completed and approved by the Health Department.


Once the Inspector / Sanitarian from the Health Department has performed the soil evaluation there are 1 of 2 things that will take place. If the soil is unsuitable then the owner / owner's legal representative will receive a turn down letter. If the soil was able to be permitted, then an Improvement Permit will be issued.