Genealogy & Local History

Onslow County Public Library's dedicated Genealogical and Local History facility, the Tucker Littleton Room, is located at the Main Library in Jacksonville. Genealogical software, databases, and assistance are available Monday through Friday.
For more information, please email Roxanne Puder or call 910.455.7350 x1422.

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  1. Genealogy Podcasts
  2. Genealogy YouTubes

Listen to expert genealogists as they discuss a wide range of genealogy topics and share helpful resources with their listeners to inspire and assist in furthering their research

Genealogy Gems Podcast
Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems is the host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast.  There are over 250 episodes with a new episode published every month.

Extreme Genes
Scott Fisher is the host of the Extreme Genes podcast.  There are over 400 episodes with multiple episodes published every month.

Ancestral Findings Podcast
Will Moneymaker of is the host of the Ancestral Finds Podcast.  There are over 400 episodes with episodes published almost every day.  If you are short on time but want to learn something interesting or new about genealogy, these episodes may be the best way to go as they are often less than 10 minutes long.