Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

Pet overpopulation is a serious issue in Onslow County. Spaying and Neutering is an easy way that pet owners can be part of the pet overpopulation solution as well as help their own pets live healthy lives. The biggest benefit to spaying and neutering, of course, is that it prevents unwanted litters, which can place a tremendous burden on animal shelters when these puppies and kittens are brought to them as strays. The issue isn’t limited to free roaming dogs and cats, but includes owned pets as well. Some owners may believe they can control their pets’ breeding opportunities but it’s simply not always the case, resulting in unplanned pregnancies. Intact males can mate without their owners ever knowing about it; it only takes a small window of opportunity. 

With an estimated 70 million stray cats and 1.6 million stray dogs in the U.S., many of these animals live on the streets their entire lives. This scenario perpetuates the growth of the free roaming pet population and unwanted litters. Stray dogs and cats live hard lives; they are vulnerable to starvation, disease, abuse by unkind humans, accidents, injuries and more. Keeping these populations under control is the most humane way to care for these animals.  

Low Cost Spay Neuter facilities in Onslow County and the surrounding area: 

Adoption First Veterinary Clinic

Fix a Friend Spay Neuter Clinic

Cape Fear Spay/Neuter Clinic


Paws 4 Purpose

Additional Spay/Neuter Resources:

Onslow County Veterinarian Resources

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