Academy / FTEP

All new hired Onslow County EMS employees begin their careers with our Academy to take you from "Paramedic/EMT" to "Onslow County Paramedic/EMT".  The Academy meets at our training facility Monday-Friday from 07:30 - 17:00.  


As a new employee in the Academy, you can expect to be mentally challenged while learning to function in our progressive system.  Each Academy runs 2-3 weeks depending on your credential level.  In the first week, new employees are taught operational topics and introduced to our equipment.  The following weeks are filled with educational and practical experiences to help new employees become successful Onslow County EMS providers.  Medical knowledge will be challenged daily and assessment skills be honed to ensure competence and confidence in our providers  At the end of the Academy, employees must pass a written competency evaluation to continue to our Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) .

Field Training and Evaluation Program

During the Field Training and Evaluation Program, new employees are assigned to a regular shift with a Field Training Officer (FTO).   The FTO will mentor and evaluate the new employee's performance daily to help them become independent providers.  During the FTEP process, new employees are required to pass several competency simulations and complete regular check-ins with the FTEP coordinator. The final step of the FTEP process is completion of oral boards with one of the Onslow County Medical Directors.