Hiring Process

Open and Accepting Applications For:

Do you want to be part of the Onslow County EMS family?  The information below outlines our hiring process.  There are a number of requirements that must be completed prior to receiving an offer of employment.


All applicants must submit an online application on the Onslow County Jobs page and provide all required documentation in order to be considered in the hiring process.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by Onslow County EMS and Human Resources.  Applicants who pass the application review will be contacted to schedule Phase I of the interview process.  

You may apply for a position you have not yet received certification for as long as you state test for that certification prior to the start date of the academy. 

Phase I:

Phase I of our interview process is a structured oral interview.  The structured oral interview is completed virtually.  The interview consists of a series of questions to evaluate your skills and abilities necessary to perform as an employee in our organization.  Your answers will be rated by a panel of assessors.  Successful applicants will be scheduled for Phase II.  

Phase II:

Phase II of our interview process in an in person assessment center.  The assessment center is held in Jacksonville on the dates below. Applicants MUST attend the assessment center in person.  The in person assessment center includes the following:

General Knowledge Exam: This exam consists of multiple choice questions based on National Standards Curriculums 

Patient Care Simulation: This exam consists of a comprehensive patient care scenario with one of our high-fidelity simulators.  We will evaluate your patient assessment, skills competence, and medical decision making during this scenario.  You will be evaluated using National Standards, not Onslow County EMS specific treatment protocols / procedures 

Cardiac Rhythm Exam (AEMT and Paramedic Only):  This exam consists of rhythms and 12-leads (paramedic only).

Phase III:

Phase III of our process includes a criminal background check, driving record check, pre-employment drug screen, and a reference check.

Phase IV:

Applicants who successfully complete all of the above will be offer of hire.  Upon receipt of an offer of hire, employees will be placed into the next Academy start date.  

It is important to note that this process can take up to two months from date of application until first day of employment. 

Assessment Center Dates

January 9 and 10
February 8 and 9
March 6 and 7
April 5 and 6
May 3 and 4
June 5 and 6
July 10 and 11
August 7 and 8
September 6 and 7
October 2 and 3
November 6 and 7
December 6 and 7