Fire Protection or Detection System Impairment Reporting

The North Carolina Fire Code requires that the Fire Code Official is notified whenever a fire suppression or detection system is impaired. An impairment is when a fire suppression (sprinkler) or detection (fire Alarm) system is placed out of service for purposes of repair, additions, upgrades, testing, etc. This notification shall be made by calling 910-455-3661. When the system is returned to service notification should be made by calling 910-455-3661.

IMPORTANT: Before any impairment, offline or “TEST” condition the alarm system central monitoring station should be notified. 

During a Fire System Impairment, an approved fire watch will need to be implemented. The fire watch person(s) only job will be to patrol the facility looking for any sign of smoke or fire. They shall have one approved way of contacting the fire department.   If smoke or fire is detected, they are to notify the fire department and evacuate the facility. Fire watch personnel shall keep a fire watch log and the log shall be made available to the Fire Code Official upon request.