Selling Meat & Poultry at the Market

To initiate the registration process, call the NCDA & CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division at (919) 707-3180.  The receptionist will take down your name, address and phone number and may ask you a few questions to ensure a Meat & Poultry Handlers registration is required for your new business venture.  This information will be forwarded to the appropriate field personnel who will then contact you to arrange an appointment for an on-site visit to set up your registrations.  

These on-site visits are free of charge.  NCDA & CS field personnel conducting the Meat and Poultry Handler registration review process will be checking for the following:
-All meat and poultry products are properly marked, labeled and wholesome
-Storage unites such as coolers and/or freezers are clean, in good repair, and are able to keep product at a safe temperature
-Storage units are dedicated for the meat and poultry products you will be offering for sale (no other personal items inside)
-Storage unites are indoors and the general housekeeping are the coolers and/or freezers is such that it does not pose a sanitation hazard to the meat and poultry products inside
-Adequate pest control measures are taken to maintain sanitary conditions in the area where product is stored
-Any damaged or returned product is properly disposed of

NCDA & CS field personnel revisit each registered meat and poultry handler at least annually for review.