Community Paramedic Program

Onslow County Community Paramedic Program has been operating since 2015. We pride ourselves in serving the community in an always evolving higher capacity by connecting resources and educating the public, while working alongside as a supportive measure to Emergency Medical Services personnel. We have 6 full-time Community Paramedic positions that offer community coverage, 3 full-time Peer-Support Specialist positions as well as on-staff and on-call Licensed Mental Health Professionals to assist in our outreach to the public.

The Onslow County Community Paramedic Program bridges the gap with substance use and mental health to include assistance into Detox and Rehabilitation centers, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. We can offer in home Mental Health assessments through Telepsychology or with on-scene Licensed Mental Health Professionals. We can offer treatment plans to assist through withdrawal symptoms if requirements are met until further assistance is available. We can connect with longer term recovery options.

We address high utilizers of EMS/911 as well as the Emergency Room. We can assist by establishing Primary Care providers or by connecting them with resources to better suite their immediate and long-term needs. As well as educating in proper uses of 911. By meeting immediate needs such as food and shelter, we can make valuable bed space in the ER available to true medical emergencies. Also, by assessing these situations we can connect to detox and rehabilitation centers as well as mental health care.

We assess for needs in both mental and physical health as well as daily necessities for empowering the community to take charge of their own well-being.

On a daily basis, our Community Paramedics may see up to 15 patients each. As of May 31st, 2021, our program has received and connected to resources 140 medical patients. Out of 165 Overdose/drug related calls, 144 were given Narcan. Of those 144, 51 were assisted into Medication Assisted treatment. Community Paramedics have also provided Narcan administration training to all law enforcement agencies within Onslow County to include the Sheriff's Office, Municipal Police Departments, State Bureau of Investigations, Naval Criminal Investigative Services, and Camp Lejeune PMO. 

Let us be the guide to assist you in filling your needs. We can help empower you and your family through education and resources to take charge of your own mental and physical health

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Assist the community, in partnership with local organizations, with building daily living stability, quality, sobriety, and resiliency

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The Goals of Community Paramedicine

  • Reduce recurring use of EMS and E911 
  • Reduce recurring use of the Emergency Departments 
  • Assist with connecting residents with available resources for immediate and long-term needs
  • Empower the community to take charge of their own healthcare and well-being
  • Assist the community in building daily living quality and stability, sobriety and resiliency

The Services We Provide

  • Medication reconciliation between pharmacies and primary care providers
  • Medication planning, education and visual instruction on compliance
  • In home risk assessments for falls, obstructions, lighting, etc.
  • Navigation of community resources based on patient needs
  • Education about the seriousness of their conditions and potential consequences
  • Accountability and assistance in the daily efforts of making major lifestyle changes
  • Ability to provide treatments in the home in the event of an acute increase in symptoms
  • Assistance into detox and rehabilitation centers, as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment centers
  • Assess mental and physical health needs
  • Additional services available

How the Program Works

  • Patients must be referred by professionals in the community.
  • A Community Paramedic will make contact with the patient following hospital discharge or following referrals.
  • Home visits occur with a community paramedic to provide education and service linkage.

Community Paramedic Program Staff

Community Paramedics

Stephanie Cain

Matt Hayes

Meghan Brown

Peer Support Specialists

Crystal White

Rebecca Atkins

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Tori Gilbert, Psy.D, DAPA, MCAP, HSP

Jaime Flores, LCSW, CATP

Olivia Denson, LCSW-A