Remembering Coronavirus

Calling All Citizen Historians! Help us remember and preserve your experience during this pandemic!

The Onslow County Museum is collecting materials that illustrate how people locally are experiencing and responding to the COVID-19 crisis. No matter where you live in the county, we have all been impacted in some way as businesses, cities, towns, states, and the country impose restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The museum seeks to document and preserve your experiences through digital video, audio, photography, and typed stories or personal reflections. The stories and materials we collect will allow us and future historians and researchers to study and share these experiences.

Physical Collections

We are doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home and keeping the museum closed to the public, so we cannot currently collect physical material. However, we still want to collect and preserve items you may have that demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on Onslow County. Items that are of interest to us represent the social, economic, and public health impact of this pandemic such as business or personal signage, finished crafts, school materials used for virtual learning, or other physical mementos of your experience like homemade face masks. To offer physical objects for this collection please send a description and a photograph, if possible, to so that we might set up a time with you to collect items after the pandemic has passed. To learn more about our collection process, what and how we collect, visit our donations webpage.

Tell Us Your Story

Please take a moment to complete our questionnaire about your experience with coronavirus. We have two versions, one for adults and teens, and one for children. You can also use this form to upload a file, whether a photograph or text, to help preserve your memories of this health crisis.

Adult/Teen Questionnaire

Kid Questionnaire