Child Protective In-Home Services

What is Child Protective In-Home Services?

Child Protective In-Home Services are a legally mandated service.  The purpose is to maintain the safety of the child or children while helping the parents/caretakers learn and implement more effective parenting practices.

Child Protective In-Home Services is provided to:

Families who have had a substantiation of abuse, neglect, dependency or a finding of services needed.  Child Protective In-Home Services are legally mandated and an integral part of the Children Services continuum.

Goals and Values of Child Protective In-Home Services:

  • Maintain the safety of children while strengthening the family’s capacity to protect and nurture their children.
  • Maintain children in their own families while partnering and providing strength-based solution focused services.
  • Families are recognized as their own experts.
  • All efforts are exhausted to prevent future maltreatment and agency custody.
  • Opportunities are provided for families to engage in the planning and process while producing better outcomes of safety, permanence, and well-being for their children.

What is the Child Protective In-Home Services Process?

  • Interaction and intensive services to families with the greatest needs, while families who have fewer needs receive fewer intensive services and interaction.
  • Services are provided within the context of the family’s own community and culture while building on the family’s strengths.
  • Jointly developing the In-Home Family Services Agreement with the family and addressing the conditions that threaten a child’s safety and place the child at risk for future harm.
  • Home visits both announced and unannounced are conducted by the social worker who makes referrals to appropriate resources for the family.
  • Education in positive parenting approaches to discipline. Assistance with accessing health insurance, food and nutrition services, WIC, childcare and other benefit programs the families may be eligible for.

 Child Protective In-Home Services terminate when:

  • Parents or caregivers are willing to provide a safe home and demonstrate their ability to do so; or
  • The agency receives legal custody or placement responsibility