Library Electronic Access Program (LEAP)

A LEAP (Library Electronic Access Program) Pass allows free access for Onslow County Public School Students to all electronic items and formats in the Onslow County Public Library digital media collections, databases, and online resources.

LEAP passes can be issued to Onslow County Public School Students grades K-12, or to students attending authorized private schools in Onslow County for grades K-12.

LEAP passes will expire when the student reaches the age of 18.*

Student will need his/her school-issued identification number (30 + School ID number) and the Birth Month/Birth Day (MM/DD) password to access electronic resources.

*Policies, processes, available resources, and all access provision for this program are subject to change at the discretion of the Onslow County Public Library and associated Onslow County entities at any point in time.

Resources Student LEAP Pass
(Valid until age 18)
Traditional Youth Library Card
(Renewal required every 3 years)
Print Items: Books, Magazines, Audiobooks  
NC Digital Library: eBooks, eAudios, eMagazines, eVideos
NC Digital Library for Kids
NC Digital Library for Teens
NC Kids Digital Library
Access Video Just for Kids
Britannica Library
Tumble Book Library
Universal Class
NC DMV Driving Practice Tests

A parent or legal guardian may complete an OCPL LEAP Pass Registration Form.

Please allow 2-3 business days for the LEAP Pass to be activated in our system.

Please note: By completing and submitting the online LEAP Pass Registration Form, the responsible adult acknowledges that Onslow County Public Library does not filter its digital media collections or online resources, and is not responsible for electronic resource content accessed by the student.