Detention Division

The Detention Division is commanded by a Major who reports to the Chief Deputy.

The Detention Division consists of the following:

  1. Detention Facility Unit
  2. Detention Administration Unit

The Detention Facility Unit is responsible for the security, management, and health of the inmates in the detention center. The unit consists of four shifts: one Lieutenant, one First Sergeant, two sergeants, and two corporals. 

The Detention Administration Unit is responsible for the support of the Detention Center. It includes training, special projects, building maintenance, Prison Rape Elimination Act, inmate transport, court liaison, visitation, and janitorial and maintenance services.

For information regarding an inmate, call (910) 937-1470.

There are multiple ways to deposit money into an inmate's account:

  • Visit the Onslow County Sheriff's Office and use the kiosk in the front lobby.
  • Call 866-394-0490 and use the Inmate's ID Number.
  • Visit

Personal mail should be sent to:

Inmate Name and Inmate ID#
C/O Securus Digital Mail Center - Onslow County Detention Center
PO Box 650
Lebanon, MO 65536

Privileged mail such as legal, DSS, medical, and probation, as well as bible studies, subscriptions, and books, should be sent to:

Inmate name and inmate ID#
Onslow County Detention Center
717 Court Street
Jacksonville, NC 28540


Major Linwood Straughn
Captain Cedric Spearmon

Lieutenant Michael Barron
(910) 937-1473

Special Projects
First Sergeant Marc Alwes
(910) 989-4004

First Sergeant Jennifer Sturm
(910) 989-4034

Information Technology
Sergeant Juan Gomez-Sosa
(910) 989-4012

Sergeant James Crutchfield
(910) 989-4067

Court Liason
Sergeant Shannon Dunleavy
(910) 937-1478