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Property Listing Requirement Questionnaire

  1. Please provide us with the customer number found on your letter that this questionnaire pertains to so that we may identify your property.

  2. 1.) Did you make improvements or add new construction to your property in 2020?*

    Please select one

  3. 2.) Did you demolish, remove, or have damage (storm or fire) that has not been repaired to any building improvemnets on your property in 2020?*

    Please select one

  4. 3.) Do you currently receive an Elderly or Disabled exemption, Homestead Circuit Breaker Deferment, or Disabled Veteran Exclusion but no longer meet the criteria to qualify for the program?*

    Please select one

  5. 4.) Do you currently receive a property exemption or present use value deferment but no longer meet the criteria to qualify for the program?*

    Please select one

  6. 5.) Do you own any of the following listed below which is kept in Onslow County?*

    Please select ANY/ALL that apply. *If you choose any of the types of personal property listed below, you are required to file a listing even if you listed last year. (If you require a listing form but did NOT receive one please contact our Listings Division at 910-989-2201)

  7. 6.) Did you own a business or farm for income production in 2020, or start a new business as of January 1, 2021?*

    *Please note that if you answered yes to the question above, you are required to list your business personal property and farm equipment every year.

  8. Please also use this section to list any discrepancies you may have found while reviewing your property tax record at

  9. Please complete your contact information below:

  10. Electronic Signature Agreement

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