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  8. Changes in Expenses
  9. Do you pay for heating/cooling?
  10. Do you pay for any of the following?
  11. Daycare
  12. Child Support
  13. Medical
  14. Health Insurance
  15. Changes in Employment-Person 1
  16. How has your employment changed?
  17. How often are you paid?
  18. Are your reduced hours permanent?
  19. Changes in Employment-Person 2
  20. How has your employment changed?
  21. How often are you paid?
  22. Are your reduced hours permanent?
  23. Changes in Income-Person 1
  24. How has your income changed?
  25. Income Type
  26. Changes in Income-Person 2
  27. How has your income changed?
  28. Income Type
  29. Tax Filing Status
  30. Will anyone in the household file a federal tax return next year?
  31. Will you file jointly with a spouse?
  32. Will you claim any dependents on your tax return?
  33. Will someone in the household be claimed by someone who does not live in the home?
  34. Is anyone in the household pregnant?
  35. Does anyone in the household want to change their primary care provider?
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