What uses are allowed in the zoning districts?
A central part of the zoning ordinance is the Table of Uses, which shows what type of development or use of land is permitted in each zoning district. The Table of Uses distinguishes between uses that merit detailed consideration prior to being allowed and those that do not by dividing uses into three categories:

Permitted (P) – These uses require a Zoning Permit which is generally issued along with the building permit; these are referred to as “by right” uses. All requirements in the zoning ordinance, including setback requirements, must be met.

Special Requirement Uses (SR) – These uses are also “by right” uses; however, there are additional standards set forth in the ordinance text. A site plan and sometimes supplemental information must be submitted to allow staff to verify that the proposal meets ordinance requirements.

Special Uses (S) – These uses require a Special Use Permit to be issued by the Onslow County Zoning Board of Adjustment after a public hearing. A site plan drawn by a land surveyor or engineer is required. Owners of properties within 1,000 feet of the site will be notified of the proposed use and the public hearing date.

Table of Uses

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