Swimming Pools

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Public Swimming Pool Permitting & Inspection Program

Permit Process

Public swimming pools are permitted annually by the Environmental Health Division to ensure compliance with Rules Governing the Sanitation of Public Swimming Pools. Pool operators and / or owners are required to submit an application for an Operations Permit prior to opening.

An inspection will be scheduled once our department has received all the required documentation.

Scheduling an Inspection

Seasonal swimming pools opening on or after April 1st and remaining open through October 31st are required to be inspected at least once while open for public use. All other pools are considered as year-round pools and are required to be inspected at least twice a year.


Pool violations observed during the sanitation inspection are documented, operational and safety violations require permit action to be taken. Permit action can include denial of the initial operations permit or permit suspension if the pool is in operation. Non-compliant items are documented and reviewed with the operator at the conclusion of the inspection.

Useful Documents