Investigations Division

This plain clothed unit investigates all high-profile criminal cases. It also tracks all criminal activity in Onslow County and assists any agency requesting assistance. The unit maintains all records of investigations by the unit. They are responsible for computerized reports, crime scene processing and evidence collecting, court preparation of cases, testimony, etc.

Detective Responsibilities

Detectives responsibilities include:
  • Investigate incidents of suspected criminal activity.
  • Collect and preserve evidence to aid in the apprehension of the suspect, or bring about the solving of the incident.
  • Arrest the perpetrator of the crime.
  • Prepare cases for presentation in Court to achieve the proper disposition of the case.


Major Mark Scott (910) 989-4057
Captain Benji Foy (910) 989-4061
Lieutenant Jonathan Lincoln (910) 989-4064
Sergeant Christina Simmons (910) 989-4049
Kenny Simma (910) 989-4058
Jeremy Carter (910) 989-4071
David Curington (910) 989-4074
Daryl Watkins (910) 989-4060
Aaron Coleman (910) 989-4073
Matt Hipple (910) 989-4040
Daniel Tollefsrud (910) 989-4041
John Dubois (910) 989-4013

Lieutenant Robert Brown (910) 989-4059 (Special Victims Unit)
Sergeant Lindsey Kensington (910) 989-4029 (SVU)
Heather LaSorsa (910) 989-4066 (SVU)
Robert Winners (910) 989-4026 (SVU)
Garrick Zimmer (910) 989-4047 (SVU)