Civil Division

The Civil Division is commanded by a Major who reports to the Chief Deputy.

The Civil Division is responsible for the timely service of civil processes, court orders, executions, and other court matters. In addition, the Civil Division maintains the security of the county courthouses, school system, and other county departments as requested.

The Civil Division consists of the following:

  1. Civil Process Unit
  2. Transport Unit
  3. Executions Unit
  4. Warrant Unit
  5. Court Security Unit
  6. Community Services Unit
  7. School Resource Officer Unit
  8. Sworn-Reserves
  9. Records Unit

The Civil Captain is the direct supervisor of the division’s Lieutenants and sergeants. A Lieutenant and two sergeants supervise the Court Security Unit and COPS Unit. Civil Process, Executions, and Warrant Units are each led by a Sergeant. 

Major Brian Bailey, Division Commander

Captain Timothy Parker, Asst. Division Commander