Adult Services

  1. Adult Care Home Monitoring

    Adult Care Home Monitoring is a program used to monitor a licensed home to assure compliance with the North Carolina Rules for the Licensing of Adult Care Homes.

  2. Adult Care Home Placement

    The Adult Care Home Placement is designed to assist aging and disabled individuals, their families, or representatives to find substitute homes or residential health care facilities suitable to their needs when they are unable to remain in their current living situations.

  3. Adult Protective Services (APS)

    APS receives and evaluates reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of disabled adults.

  4. Elder Cheer Information

    Elder Cheer began as an effort to help those residents living in assisted living facilities throughout the county.

  5. Elderly & Disabled Transportation Assistance

    Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program was designed to provide transportation for those elderly or disabled clients who may be on Medicaid but need transportation to other than medical appointments.

  6. Guardianship Services

    Guardianship involves the provision of services to individuals who are alleged to be incompetent and their families.

  7. Housing & Home Improvement Program

    The Housing and Home Improvement Program is there to assist individuals and families in obtaining or retaining housing and basic furnishings or appliances, or both.

  8. Representative Payee

    The Representative Payee is there to provide a stable lifestyle through management of funds for persons who are unable to manage their own money.

  9. Special Assistance In-Home

    The Special Assistance In-Home program is there to provide assistance to residents of Onslow County 18 years of age or older who need Adult Care Home level of care, but who desire to live in their own home or other private living setting.