Exemptions & Deferments

NC General Statutes governing property taxation allow for a number of property tax exemptions and deferments. 

Property exemptions are available for real and personal property used for religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, and charitable hospital purposes, and certain real property held for sale by a builder.
The application deadline for property exemptions and deferments is January 31st each year, the last day of the annual tax listing period.

The application deadline for Property Tax Relief programs is June 1st each year.
  1. Builders Inventory Exemption

    The Builders Inventory Exemption program requires an annual application to be filed with the County Assessor during the annual listing period which ends January 31 each year.

  2. Land Use Value Deferment

    The Land Use-Value Deferment program enables qualifying property owners to defer a portion of the property taxes for qualifying parcels.

  3. Property Exemption Application

    Access the Property Exemption Application.

  4. Property Tax Relief Programs

    Learn about the different Property Tax Relief programs.

  5. Working Waterfront Property Tax Deferment

    Beginning in 2009, North Carolina offers a property tax deferment program for Working Waterfront properties.