Deed Recording Requirements

The Register of Deeds no longer accepts any deed transferring real property without certification that there are no delinquent ad valorem taxes or other taxes which the County Tax Collector is charged with collecting, and that the deed contains the Grantee's mailing address.

Electronic Tax Certification Option

Tax certifications can be obtained electronically by submitting a Tax Certification Request Form by either fax or email, eliminating the need to physically bring the deed to the Tax Office to obtain the certification. 
There is an exception allowing closing attorneys to attest that any delinquent taxes will be paid from the closing proceeds. Please note that the Tax Certification Form must still be provided to the Register of Deeds office even if taxes will be paid at closing, in order for the Tax Office to verify that Grantee's mailing address is on the deed.

Language for Tax Certification

This section must be completed by Tax Collections staff.

This certifies that there are no delinquent ad valorem taxes, or other taxes which the Onslow County Tax Collector is charged with collecting, that are a lien on:

Parcel Identification Number: _____________________________

This is not a certification that this Onslow County Parcel Identification Number matches this deed description.

____________________________________     ___________________
Tax Collections Staff Signature                             Date

If multiple parcels are being transferred an addendum may be attached in order to list all applicable Parcel Identification Numbers. There is an addendum form posted on the Tax Office website that allows the user to fill in the Parcel Identification Numbers and print the form.

Parcel numbers can be obtained by accessing the Tax/GIS Map section on the Tax Office website.

Language for Attorney Statement

This instrument was prepared by: _________________________, a licensed North Carolina Attorney.

Delinquent taxes, if any, to be paid by the closing attorney to the Onslow County Tax Collector upon disbursement of closing proceeds.

Onslow County Resolution

This requirement is the result of a Resolution passed by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners on July 18, 2005, and is in accordance with NCGS 161-31 as amended by HB 131 in June 2005.