Make A Public Health Report

What to Report

The Communicable Disease Branch of the Division of Public Health primarily deals with infectious diseases that are reportable by law to the state health department, as well as a few other communicable diseases of public health significance such as influenza, norovirus infection and certain healthcare-associated infections.

Many illnesses such as Whooping cough and salmonella are reportable within 24 hours of the doctor suspecting them. Others, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are reportable within a week.

How to Report

Please complete a Confidential Communicable Disease Report (PDF) and fax them to 910-347-4246 or mail them to the Health Department at 612 College Street, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

To make a report over the phone or for more information, contact the Communicable Disease nurse at 910-347-2154.

Leave A Report After Hours

Physicians or healthcare providers who need to leave a report regarding a possible reportable disease or illness after hours (evening, holidays, and weekends), please call 910-577-2345.

Environmental Health Inspection Issues

Owners/managers of food service, motel or institutions under Environmental Health inspection who need to report a fire, water/power outage or sewer backup after hours (evening, holidays, and weekends), please call 910-455-0122.