Volunteer Today

Volunteers play an important role in our community. By being involved in your community, you can:

Develop a better understanding of county government and serve as an ambassador within the community
Help your neighbors and be a valuable community resource
Put your experience and skills to good use

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone wanting to contribute something..... working people, retirees, college students, and young people. Some opportunities have special requirements, so keep looking for the right opportunity to make a difference in Onslow County.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to Serve on Boards and Commissions. The Onslow County Board of Commissioners is responsible for appointing citizens to boards, commissions and committees to carry out highly specialized functions of county government, such as the Planning Board and Health Board. Review this list of available Boards/Committees. These appointments require that you be a registered voter. If you are interested, fill out and submit the Citizen Participation Application.

Sponsor for Academic Talent (SAT)

Students are able to earn SAT hours at a number of Onslow County Departments including Solid Waste, Parks and Recreation, Museum, Library, and Health Department.

Other volunteer opportunities vary by Department:

Solid Waste - Volunteer opportunities are available for regular litter sweeps and beautification projects at solid waste locations. Must be at least 12 years of age for litter sweeps, and 18+ for other volunteer projects. SAT credit hours are available.

Parks and Recreation - Volunteer for youth sports leagues as coaches or League Officers (require background check) and Team Moms. Special events such as Easter Egg Hunts, Bicycle Rodeo, Onslow Senior Games, July 4th Freedom Festival, Summer Day Camps are also available for any citizen. SAT credit hours are available.

Museum - Museum Fest and Night at the Museum are special event volunteer opportunities. Feel free to join the Friends of the Museum group. SAT credit hours are available.

Libraries - Youth and Adult volunteer opportunities are available in our Onslow County Library System. Feel free to become a Friend of the Library.
Main Library - SAT credit hours are available by helping with shelving books, special projects, and some youth programming. Join the Teen Volunteer Group (Application). Adult volunteers may also help with shelving books, organization projects, and genealogy projects.
Swansboro Branch - SAT credit hours, National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, High School Civics Class, Boy Scouts, and summer reading program.
Richlands Branch - SAT credit hours, special projects and summer reading program.

Cooperative Extension - Youth and Adult volunteer opportunities are available through the local county agency. Special Event activities include Elder Cheer Baskets; collection of empty prescription medicine bottles; and, Operation Military Kids backpack project.
4-H Programs - These programs include 4-H Day Camp and Avenues of Interest, and special events throughout the year.
Master Gardener Program - Master Gardeners assist with gardening information in the classroom and with school classes in the Farmers' Market; roadside clean-up; butterfly gardens; and landscaping around county facilities.
Farmers' Market - Volunteers are needed to help with special events such as: food demonstrations; survey days; fall festival; tours; and other special events during the growing season.

Senior Services - Volunteers are needed for the following programs:
Home Delivered Meals - to deliver meals to eligible citizens in the County.
SHIIP Program (SHIIP Job Description) - Senior's Health Insurance Information Program to assist in answering questions on Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Long Term Care Insurance.
Nutrition Sites (Congregate Meal Volunteer Job Description) - to assist the Nutrition Site Manager in serving meals to persons aged 60 and over.
Hospice Volunteer Job Description) - Volunteers are caring members of our community who believe in the Hospice philosophy and want to offer support to our Hospice Families.

Health Department - Some opportunities exist for SAT students to perform volunteer hours in a mainly clerical setting.

Animal Services - Some opportunities are available for volunteering at the Animal Shelter helping to feed, water and clean the animal cages, and helping with the showing of animals for adoption.

Contact Onslow County Administration at 910-347-4717 or Onslow County Operations at 910-347-5332 for more information.

Depending upon your interests, there are a number of opportunities available to you!