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Dedicated Event Coverage

Onslow County EMS can provide specialized EMS standby medical resources for upcoming events located within Onslow County. This includes events such as 5K, festivals, organized sporting events, and more.   To request dedicated event coverage, complete the online submission form below.  We CANNOT guarantee any request for dedicated event coverage received less than two weeks from the event date.  

Once submitted, we will determine what type of EMS resources we need to cover the event. These are operational decisions that we make based on what we determine is needed to provide coverage. 

If you make your request through the online form, you will receive a response confirming dedicated EMS coverage for your event, the type of EMS resources used, and an estimate of the total costs, which are based on rates set by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners.  Non-recurring single events require pre-payment based on estimated costs prior to the event.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate services for nonprofit and/or fundraising events.

Fee Structure for Dedicated Event Coverage
Service TypeFee
$150.00/ hr for the first hour
$65.00 for each additional 30 minutes of service

EMS special event coverage is intended for individual patient evaluation, treatment and/or transportation to an emergency department. It is beyond the scope of EMS to provide "first aid station" services such as mass supply of pain medicine for headaches, multiple ice packs or elastic bandages, other medical supply handouts, bottled water, etc.

For additional questions, please contact us at

Dedicated EMS Standby Request Form

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    Thank you for your interest in dedicated EMS coverage for your event.

    Important Information: 

    -Multiple factors determine whether we can offer coverage for a given event.

    -Not all events submitted will receive offers for coverage.

    -Submitting this form DOES NOT guarantee coverage.

    -For follow-up information, email us at 

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