Land Use

The Planning & Development Department's Land Use Section assists citizens, stakeholders, and property owners in the responsible development of the County.  In relation to new development and redevelopment of properties, Land Use advocates for ways to add flexibility in development regulations that will serve both the developer/property owner and the general public with a safer and more attractive built environment.  Land Use also works to lead planning efforts that further the community goals of a strong economy through a healthy balance of our natural and built environments and the responsible use of public infrastructure. 

The Land Use Section reviews proposed development plans to ensure consistency with Onslow County’s adopted plans and compliance with development regulations, including waterfront development regulations (CAMA-Coastal Area Management Act), and the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances.  The staff planners collaborate with a variety of groups on transportation, land use, environmental, and quality of life issues, seeking outcomes that provide the greatest long-term benefit to the public. The Land Use Section is also responsible for enforcing the Solid Waste Management and Minimum Housing Ordinances.  

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