Loan Periods, Fines & Fees

Borrowing Materials

OCPL allows cardholders to check out any combination of physical items, for a total maximum of 50. For example, 22 books + 8 audiobooks + 4 CDs + 5 new DVDs + 4 older DVDs + 6 magazines + 1 storytelling kit.

Library Item Loan Period Daily/Maximum 
Overdue Fine
Other Limits
Books 14 days 20¢ / $8  
Audiobooks 14 days 20¢ / $8  
Music CDs 14 days 20¢ / $8  
NCDL eBooks & eAudio 7, 14, or 21 days No overdue fines 6 checkouts, 6 holds at the time
Hoopla eBooks, eAudio, Comics, Movies, Music, Magazines 21 days No overdue fines 5 checkouts per month
New Movies (less than 6 months old) 7 days 20¢ / $8 Not allowed on juvenile accounts
DVDs (more than 6 months old) 14 days 20¢ / $8 Not allowed on juvenile accounts
Magazines (except current issue) 14 days 20¢ / $8  
Hotspots 14 days 50¢ / $11 Service suspended if not returned by due date
Storytelling Kits 14 days 50¢ / $11 2 checkouts per adult card, not allowed on juvenile accounts

When materials have reached the maximum overdue fine, you will receive a bill for those items. The bill will include the cost of the item, the overdue fine, and a $3 processing fee per item. If the materials are returned in good condition (shelf-ready), the cost of the items and the processing fees will be removed from your account. The overdue fines must still be paid. 

OCPL has partnered with UMS Library Debt Collection Services for past due accounts of $50 or more. Any accounts sent to collections will have a non-refundable $10 collection agency fee applied. Any accounts not resolved through UMS Library Debt Collection Services will be submitted to the NC Debt Setoff program for collection through state tax refunds.

Other Services & Fees

Computer Printouts 20¢ per page (letter or legal, color or black & white, microfilm)
Copy Machine 20¢ per page (letter or legal)
Fax $1 per page (send or receive)
Meeting Room $25 (no fee for government agencies and non-profits)
Lost Library Card $1 replacement fee
Test Proctor $30 per test (written or online) 
Visitor Pass for Computer Use $2 per 2 hour pass
Collection Agency Processing Fee $10 (non-refundable)