Manufactured Mobile Home

The permit for a manufactured home will include all inspections required to set up the home, proper utility connections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas) and the installation of the stoops and steps. Any home moved into or relocated within Onslow County must be certified as a wind zone II as designated on the homes data plate per Appendix J. To recover lost or misplaced data plates please contact The Institute for Building Technology and Safety there is a fee for this service. Exterior wood floor systems (decks/porches) 36 square feet or less will be included in this permit. Any deck exceeding 36 square feet will require a separate building permit meeting the current edition of the North Carolina Residential Code. Footings, pier spacing, and anchorage shall meet the current North Carolina Regulations for Manufactured Homes and the Manufacturers Installation Instructions. All electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and gas fuel work shall meet the requirements of the current edition of each prescriptive code including the current edition of the North Carolina Regulations for Manufactured Homes. 

Permits Required

Manufactured Mobile Home Permit for the installation of a Manufactured Mobile Home 

Permit Process

Customers can choose to submit building permits and land disturbance applications in paper or electronic form.

Manufactured Mobile Home Review Process

Construction Document Requirements

Submitted construction documents must contain sufficient information for plan reviewers to be able to review the proposed construction work.

In addition to the Manufactured Mobile Home Permit submission requirements, when installing a Manufactured Mobile Home, you need to submit the following information:

  • A scaled Plot Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Septic Permit


Throughout your building permit process and depending upon the extent of the work, you will be required to complete different inspections.

The following are the minimum inspections required for a Manufactured Mobile Home, other inspections may be required depending on the complexity of your project:

  • Marriage Wall Inspection (For multi wide’s only) Connection of floor, roof, and end walls
  • Footing Inspection (prior to pouring concrete footings)
  • Under carriage Inspection (Includes the following items to be completed and visible at inspection)
    - Soil bearing penetrometer test reading posted in a conspicuous place on the jobsite
    - All precast block footings
    - Pier blocking
    - Tie down anchors and strapping
    - Water lines (pressure test for site installed portion)
    - Building waste drainage piping (water test for site installed portion)
    - Electrical (site installed portion)
    - Mechanical (site installed portion)
  • Underground Water, sewer and/or electrical Inspection(s)
  • Compliance Final
    - Site Grading
    - Address #
    - Steps, landings, handrails 

Call Onslow County to schedule your inspection appointment by 4:00 p.m. for next day inspections: 

  • Permit Technicians: 910-455-3661 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

The cost for permits varies depending upon each project.  
Fee Schedule
*Additional permits may be required from other departments.