Minor Permits

Minor Permits are required for projects such as single-family homes and accessory buildings landward of the mean high water mark but small enough that do not require major or general permits. They are reviewed and issued by a Local Permitting Officer (LPO).

The LPO is an employee of Onslow County who has been trained by the Division of Coastal Management to administer minor permits within the county. 

A completed CAMA Minor Permit application must be submitted for review.  Instructions for completing the application can be found here, or you can contact one of our local permitting officers for specific details about permitting for your project. 

Most minor permits can be reviewed in 25 days.  If your permit application is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision or to request a variance from the Coastal Resources Commission.

For more information on CAMA permit types, please visit: 

Coastal Management Permits

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