Open Burning

Any burning not specifically authorized by the Solid Waste Management Ordinance must be conducted in accordance with state law or regulation.  

Non-vegetative materials, including, without limitation, garbage, refuse, household trash, lumber, or any synthetic material, may not be burned. 
The following are types of permissible open burning: 

1) Open burning of leaves, tree trimmings or yard trash, excluding logs and stumps, if all the following conditions are met: 
  • The material burned originates on the premises of a private residence and is burned on that premises; 
  • There are no public pick-up services available for the material identified for burning; 
  • The burning does not create a nuisance; and 
  • Material is not burned when any state agency has banned burning for that time or area. 
2) Camp fires and fires used solely for outdoor cooking and other recreational purposes, or for ceremonial occasions, or for human warmth and comfort and which do not create a nuisance and do not use synthetic materials or refuse or salvageable materials for fuel.
3) Fires purposely set for the instruction and training of fire-fighting personnel, including fires at permanent fire-fighting training facilities. 
4) Prescribed burning that is conducted in accordance with state and federal regulations.